the moon

It has been ages since I sat down and actually played with my makeup, so when I saw Makeup and More with Andi start a new series on her Youtube channel titled ‘Tarot Cards Pick My Makeup‘, I knew I had to dig out my eyeshadow palettes and take part!

I used my Mythic Tarot deck to determine this look. I shuffled them until The Moon card jumped out.

What struck me immediately upon seeing this card was the gradient of colour in the background, moving from that deep, dark navy blue to a lighter blue, to that mystical, moon yellow. This is what inspired the makeup look I came up with.

The Moon card is all about illusions and deception, suggesting something is not as it appears to be. Perhaps someone is not who they say they are, or there’s been a misunderstanding, or there is a certain truth you cannot admit to yourself.

For the look I used the Nightmare Before Christmas x Revolution Jack Palette, starting with ‘Behemouth’ all over the lid and blending up toward the eyebrow. Then I used ‘Mischief’ (my favourite shade!) to start deepening the crease and the outer corner.

I mixed ‘Dead of Night’ and ‘Master of Fright’ on the outer corner to achieve the same dark blue at the bottom of the tarot card, adding a little ‘Jack’s House’ and blending well to really deepen it.

Next, I cut my crease using the Nyx Eyeshadow Base in white and patted ‘Sally’ on the middle of the lid and ‘Toy Duck’ onto the inner corner, blending to create that lovely gradient of colour across the eye.

Lastly, I added some Nip and Fab Fix Stix Glow in Aurora to the brow bone and on the outer lid to give it a mystical, shimmery finish.

A white/ silver liner along the bottom lash line would have also finished the look off nicely but I didn’t have anything to hand that suited.

On my lips, I used the Nip and Fab Matte Liquid Lipstick in Blueberry and a dab more of the Aurora highlighter in the centre. I’m getting braver at using bold colours on my lips and I actually really like the dark blue with this look!

And voila! A tarot card-inspired look. Let me know what you think or how you would have interpreted this image!

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