City Guide: Tilburg

Tilburg is a city in Southern Netherlands, located in the province of North Brabant and is the sixth largest municipality in the country.

Being home to Tilburg University, it has become known as a student location, but is still a beautiful, relaxing place to visit, both for a day trip and a holiday.

Arriving by Plane

Whether you’re flying to Amsterdam or Eindhoven, there are great transport links to reach Tilburg by both bus and train.

In Amsterdam, there is a train direct from the airport to Tilburg.

In Eindhoven, a bus runs every half an hour from the airport to Eindhoven station, where you can then jump on the next train to Tilburg.

Tickets for both the bus and train can be purchased from the NS ticket machines inside both airports.


There is no shortage of hotels and B&B’s in Tilburg’s city centre, but if you’re looking for a quieter spot outside of town, I cannot reccommend the Auberge Du Bonheur enough.

It is a beautiful hotel on the edge of De Oude Warande- a large, elegant stretch of forest that can be explored on foot and by bike.

The breakfast at the hotel is also delicious- consisting of unlimited coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, a buffet of cheeses and ham, fresh fruit and warm bread.

Renting Bikes

Most accommodations in Tilburg will offer bike rental as part of their services.

If not, they can be rented from the train station or from local bike shops- although be careful when renting from shops as these can be quite expensive.

Save A Bike is a second-hand bike shop near Tilburg Universitiet station, and offers bike rental at a resonable price.

Cycling around Tilburg is not only the quickest, but the best way to see and experience the city.

Food and Drink

Happy Italy

Want a pizza twice as big as your head?

Then go to Happy Italy and watch it get cooked right in front of you.

Their pasta and panini dishes are also amazing!

Bagel and Beans

Bagel and Beans is the perfect spot for lunch, with a menu full of different bagel fillings and types of coffee- including the mushroom soy latte (which I recommened trying.)

Gourmet Frites

Try the best Frites in town smothered in delicious fritesaus from Gourmet Frites either to take away and eat while wondering the streets, or to sit outside at the benches and watch the fountains in front of the church

Stadscafe de Spaarbank

My personal favourite place to grab a drink and a bite to eat of Stadscafe de Sparbaank.

Located on the crossroads of Stationstraat, Noordstraat, Korte Schijfstraat and Tuinstraat it is the perfect place to let time slip by and watch bikes, cars and scooters whizz over the crossing.

Their food menu is also worth checking out.


Sit under the shade of the umbrella on the busy Oude Markt- or inside if it’s cold.

Good luck trying to decide what to drink from the long list of beers and wines!

The Leffe Blond is rather nice!


At least once, grab a MacDonalds- or take your own picnic- and go sit down by the picturesque, peaceful canal.

You’ll want to stay until the sun goes down.


Also check out Spoorzone; the area around Tilburg Central station which was once the Dutch Railways train maintenance yard, but was purchased by the city and is now an urban zone full of great eateries and places to grab a social drink.

I recommened Raw, Eetbar De Wagon and EVE.

Things To Do

Dierenpark De Oliemeulen is known as the ‘strangest zoo in the Netherlands’. It is full of weird and wonderful exhibits and animals that are definately worth seeing if you have an hour or two to spare.

Another great thing to do in Tilburg is shopping!

The main street through the centre is full of interesting shops full of homeware items and trinkets that will always remind of your stay in the country.

The Natuurmuseum Brabant (Nature Museum), located next to the train station, is also a great place to explore and has some interesting exhibits!

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