Skincare Wishlist

Come have a peak at my Feel Unique Wishlist!

This is where I store all my skincare wants ready for when I need to replace a product; so I know what I want to try next.

Skincare is the one thing that I like to treat myself with, and spend a little bit more than a would on anything else.

  1. Ark Skincare Essentials Skin Perfector SPF30 Primer

I want to try this primer for its ingredients:
– Vitamin E – antioxidant and provides photo protection.
– Shea Butter – nourishes skin and protects from free radicals.
– Sunflower – packed with vitamins and minerals.

It sounds like it nourishes, moisturises and protects the skin, as well as makes makeup last, which is what I’m after in a primer.

2. ELF Illuminating Eye Cream

I’m wanting to look after my eye area a bit more, since I feel like I’ve been neglecting it and often I find my eyes feeling dry and tired.

Therefore, I want to try this
deeply hydrating eye cream from e.l.f for some refreshing moisture around my eyes.

3. Valo Vitamin C Glow Boost Essence

Having dry skin, I’m always drawn to anything that promises brighter, intensely hydrated skin, so this glow boost by Lumene is something I’m eager to try.

4. Lumene Lähde Intense Hydration 24H Moisturizer and
Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask 

As I mentioned, I have dry-normal skin and I love anything that deeply moisturises and restores my skin when it’s feeling dry and dull.

Both these products look great for that- particularly the Gel Mask.

I can imagine it being really cooling and revitalising on the skin and great for those days my skins needs a quick boost.

6. BeautyPro DETOXIFYING and NOURISHING Sheet Masks

I have two BeautyPro masks on my wishlist: the detoxifying foaming cleansing mask with Activated Charcoal, and the nourishing collagen Sheet Mask with Olive Extract.

I’ve actually used both of these masks before and I adore them, so I always keep them on my wishlist so whenever I order something, I add one to my basket.

7. Sanoflore Certified Organic Aqua Magnifica Peppermint Skin-Perfecting Purifying Toner 

I’ll be honest, one of the reasons I want this is a) because of the colour, and b) because of the peppermint.

I just imagine it being really cooling and freshing on the skin, leaving it feeling clean, tight and flawless. I really want to see if that’s the case!

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