Good Coffee and Good Food

Last weekend I went to the Glasgow Coffee Festival! And it was a weekend of delicious coffee and amazing food.

The annual Glasgow Coffee Festival is held at The Briggait at 141 Bridgegate, hosted by Dear Green Coffee– one of my favourite coffee roasters and the main reason I wanted to go- to taste some their new coffee blends.

This was my first time at the festival, and I was excited to see what it was like.

The ticket- £16- included one free cup of coffee, so I used our ticket on a cup of the Dear Green Espresso blend as I knew I would love it.

(We actually have a subscription to Dear Green so we receive a bag of coffee from them every month.)

Another brewer I really wanted to try was Gordon Street Coffee (their shop is at the entrance of Central Station) as I’d heard it was a beautiful, strong coffee.

And it was.

And now I can’t decide which my favourite coffee brewer is.

Check them out:

Food-wise there were all sorts of cakes, sweet treats, chocolate, and one ramen stand, so I tried some Vegan Ramen from Spitfire Espresso, who have a restaurant in Merchant City with lots of Vegan options, as well as brewing their own coffee.

Then I got a glorious Butterscotch and Chocolate doughnut from Mayze (who have a cafe in Finniston), and some brownies from Cakesmith’s. Both of which were to die for!

After the festival, we went for food at Bloc+ on Bath Street to try out their vegan menu. We got the poutine (chips, onion gravy and cheese) and the Maccy V burger.

The food was amazing and the restaurant itself looks awesome!

Overall, it was just a great weekend of good coffee and delicious food.

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