A Small Piece of Happiness



I found a small piece

Of happiness.

It’s warm-

Not too hot;

It’s small-

Not so big

That I can’t cup it in my hands

And crouch with it,

Wondering how I can bottle

Such an airy thing.

It’s light-

So light I only just feel

Its crawl towards my heart;

So transparent it’s hard to tell

It’s not already left.


I know it’s there

I do not need to see it,

I feel it;

Warmth, wholeness…

How can such a tiny thing be so much?

I daren’t ask it;

Daren’t breath too loud,

It appears so fragile

Compared to its brothers and sisters

Perhaps I shouldn’t doubt

What I cannot see.

Something that fills me with

Such a glow cannot be weak.


But if it isn’t it

Then it must be me.

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