You’re wasting your time. The light for which you pray Is gone. It flared once, then died; swept away by the dark, cocooned in shadow so we believe it is no more. Our love is no more. We have lost our way. We have lost our light.

A Small Piece of Happiness

  I found a small piece Of happiness. It’s warm- Not too hot; It’s small- Not so big That I can’t cup it in my hands And crouch with it, Wondering how I can bottle Such an airy thing. It’s light- So light I only just feel Its crawl towards my heart; So transparent it’s…

I Wish I Could See in the Dark

Sometimes I wish I could See in the dark, So I wouldn’t have to Turn on the light To write things down.   It blinds me.   It’s too bright for The pain I feel. It burns it away So I cannot feel, Just sitting still With ink in one hand Blood on the other….


Left only in the company Of slithers of light along the wall, Drawing harsh, poetic lines Across my work. What happened to the day? At what point did the sun give in Laying waste to all I’ve written? What happened to my words? When did they too, abandon me Leaving me like a shadow in…

Downtown Dreams II

Did you walk Down city streets Dreaming downtown dreams? Thoughts held fast in prayer By flickering lights, staining concrete Touched by frost and left wandering Through chimney pots and gun smoke.   Did you walk Down city streets Dreaming downtown dreams? Hearing whispers from slate Behind unlit windows Like faceless voices riding On a poisoned…