Keeping Curls in Fine, Thin Hair

If, like me, you have hair that can’t hold a curl to save it’s life and it falls flat by the end of the day- or even just after an hour- here’s are some tips on how I style my hair in order to keep curls in all day long!

1. Blow Dry

I start with wet hair as I usually need to wash my hair every 2-3 days. Sometimes I’ll use a volumising moose at this stage, but I usually find this to be unnessecary excess product- meaning I have to wash my hair more often- and drying my hair with a brush adds enough volume for me.

I section my hair horizontally and place the brush under my hair, blowdrying downwards. When a reach the top section of hair around the crown I blow dry upward to create more lift in those areas.

2. Heat Protection

Next, I spray my hair with heat protectant. This one by Schwarzkopf- the Pro Styling Straightening Spray- is great because it has heat protection and lasting hold, giving my hair extra grip.

(I am looking for a cruelty-free alternative, though)

3. Curling

I section my hair again and take about an inch at a time, curling my hair around the straightener and pulling outwards.

Once I had made a curl, I spin it tightly around my finger and straighten over it- this also allows me to straighten the end to achieve the wavy look I like.

Then I spray with hairspray, still wrapped in a tight curl, and let it go carefully to cool down.

4. Shake it Loose

Once I’ve curled all my hair, I usually do my makeup next to allow my hair to cool and set completely before shaking out my curls.

And voila!

I’ve found these curls will last whether I’m at work or outside all day (even when I take a nap).

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