I Want to Write my Novel Today

I want to write my novel today But sometimes to words won’t come. I want my masterpiece right away But aren’t brave enough to be undone.   I want to be a poet today But sometimes I forget what that means. I want the perfect verse right away But aren’t brave enough to admit I…


I feel absent from myself- As is a writer’s nature To live under the illusion of solitude, Being overly attracted to words, And believing in the necessity of art.

Trust me

I’m not so good with words Despite what the poems say But trust when I tell you It’s going to be okay.


Left only in the company Of slithers of light along the wall, Drawing harsh, poetic lines Across my work. What happened to the day? At what point did the sun give in Laying waste to all I’ve written? What happened to my words? When did they too, abandon me Leaving me like a shadow in…