Ghosts in my tears

There are ghosts in my tears! Then cry your eyes out, love, But don’t expect me to pass you A tissue. Those ghosts are our friends, They’d be yours too if you Stopped sniffing. You only created them, They owe you nothing.


Throwing stones at the sky Hoping they’ll skip across clouds Turning air into meaning. We’re definitely turning something into something, Water into wine, is it? Miracles! That’s what I need, Not careless deeds, Not random acts of kindness. Holy prayers Made by holey hands… But won’t the words slip right through? Can we not just…


Once we shared paradise, Childlike and wide-eyed, but your heart paled and in a hateful fever of lies – In a storm of sorrow- You left our love out to Die- Dry… I meant dry. It’s not dead Only dormant. I know because I still love you.


You’re wasting your time. The light for which you pray Is gone. It flared once, then died; swept away by the dark, cocooned in shadow so we believe it is no more. Our love is no more. We have lost our way. We have lost our light.