clocks can tick away the days

Clocks can tick away the days but we’ll be too busy laughing away our years to watch the time. It can try to threaten us with an ending, but we know it will be happily ever after.


It wasn’t a matter Of life and death, It was much more Important than that. Time is an old, tired Looking creature But She appreciates the wait; Enduring those sad months When it seems everything is Broken.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time Raindrops ran along the washing line Singing blue symphonies.


A song I cannot hear, A dance I cannot feel, A poem I did not write, A life I do not want. A syllable out of place, Beating out of time, I stand surrounded by the masses, Destined to stand alone; Like a song they cannot hear, A dance they do not feel, A poem they do not…