My feet feel like stormy seas

My feet feel like stormy seas, Leading me away from shore. My hands feel like cloudy skies, Grasping at nothing but fog- Feeling nothing but rainfall. My eyes see like rocky ground, Littered with rubble from the past.

Even the Walls

Even the walls are telling me to turn around- Yelling, Screaming- Like the voices in my head, Demanding. I am wrong But you don’t understand I do not know how to be right.

Oh, how romantic!

Oh, how romantic! Sitting at the window pane Realising that life Isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You must all aspire to be me. You’ve even got it raining; The droplets running down the glass Much like the tears on our faces. Careful, don’t get too excited, You might make yourself smile And we…


I only ask you don’t burn this one- This bridge is needed to get home, Or at least to show me the way back… But you don’t care, Not about before. You could spend your whole life Holding on to close friends and Your holiday lovers so if anybody talks of me You can tell…

I am

I wonder I see I want I am   I feel I touch I pretend I am   I say I dream I understand I am