Whatever gets you through the night, babe. Sure, I’ll tell you you’re handsome- ‘I can’t decide if it looks better off or on.’ Yes, I can pretend you’re the only one- ‘The only one for me.’   ‘…Babe?’ Just don’t expect me there In the morning- ‘I told you I was destined to leave.’ It’s…


I think there’s something more, Something you’re not telling me, A thing you’re not saying… Or perhaps many things; Many little things that Make one big problem. ‘yes, it was I who put the empty carton Back into the fridge. I also want a break.’


Once we shared paradise, Childlike and wide-eyed, but your heart paled and in a hateful fever of lies – In a storm of sorrow- You left our love out to Die- Dry… I meant dry. It’s not dead Only dormant. I know because I still love you.


You’re wasting your time. The light for which you pray Is gone. It flared once, then died; swept away by the dark, cocooned in shadow so we believe it is no more. Our love is no more. We have lost our way. We have lost our light.

Is That Called Love?

You’re turning Black and white to colour, Ripping through shreds of paper To find the truth. You won’t find it now It was burned long ago But the ashes still exist in my chest If you’d like to rip that open too And see for yourself. Go ahead, Crack each of my ribs And leave…