Cheap Pain

Covered head to toe In cheap pain. There’s nothing Quite like death To bring us all together.

I Wish I Could See in the Dark

Sometimes I wish I could See in the dark, So I wouldn’t have to Turn on the light To write things down.   It blinds me.   It’s too bright for The pain I feel. It burns it away So I cannot feel, Just sitting still With ink in one hand Blood on the other….


Cling to thy suffering– Heaven forbid we should Trust in something Other than pain. Or better yet Tie your shoelaces To the desk And act surprised When you get stuck. We have a strange faith In our Devils You and I, Hush, I am not like you I look elsewhere. Ooh, Death!


Tears didn’t lace with ink As she sat by the window Dreaming of a bigger world. She would whisper to the night, Thinking something was listening, Eluding subjects of pain and love For being too difficult to write. Sweetheart, it’ll hurt to be lost, Forever will grow too long, And when the 4am static just…