She’s Cursed Me

She’s cursed me, This mind of mine, And now we’re creeping through nightmares Once again. I used to dream of gold in my bed at night, But now I just follow her down.

Under the Water

Under the water, Behind the shadows, Below the sky, Amid the rain.   During the night, In the dark, I can not see, No safety for me.   I can flock with others But no feelings come. I am not alive. I know I am gone.   How many times? Turn away. How many miles?…


Tears didn’t lace with ink As she sat by the window Dreaming of a bigger world. She would whisper to the night, Thinking something was listening, Eluding subjects of pain and love For being too difficult to write. Sweetheart, it’ll hurt to be lost, Forever will grow too long, And when the 4am static just…


Give me enough time, Let me write it down, Let me show you the evidence Of just how sick I am, Let me prove that I exist; I think these thoughts might kill me Before I ever get the chance.

Up On Broomhill

Blacks clouds crackle like static And cause my roses to wilt and waste away, So instead of picking flowers I end up raising the dead Who ride on the wind To arrive like thieves at my door. I am almost tempted to let them in, But they’d only turn to dust To dance and swirl…