Under the Water

Under the water, Behind the shadows, Below the sky, Amid the rain.   During the night, In the dark, I can not see, No safety for me.   I can flock with others But no feelings come. I am not alive. I know I am gone.   How many times? Turn away. How many miles?…


‘Why can’t I be normal?’ She yelled. ‘It’s not fair!’ She demanded. But still The mountains didn’t move when she walked; The flowers didn’t grow to be near her; Nor did the wind even bother to change direction. ‘I bet you wouldn’t even notice if I was gone.’ The world might not have changed for…

Thank you very much

I inspire myself Thank you very much. No, don’t walk away from me, I have a question of my own. Oh I’m sorry, Have I ruined your idea of romance? Would you prefer me To go back to being On the brink of death? Mmm… That’s what I thought.

Lovely Bunch

”A poem a day Keeps the monsters away” ? Yeah right. I just had dinner with them, Lovely bunch- They were asking after you- They always give me the best ideas.