Punk Rock Lover

Your shirt feels cheap Against my skin, But you always say ‘Suits you, babe,’   Our best nights are the Ones where we don’t talk. Although I sometimes enjoy Those guilty nights When you sing to me About the pretty girl With flowers in her hair. I ask you who she is. You say ‘It’s…


Up there alone, up above my head Wisps of cloud stray and roam, Brushing smears of blue and red, As I meander home.   A September chill clings to the air, Damp from the promise of rain. The old wood is held fast in prayer And crowds my little lane.   Rays of gold from…

Downtown Dreams

Did you walk Down city streets, Dreaming downtown dreams? Teary sky above, Droplets weeping over cast iron fences, Orange brick and the cobbled streets Filled with empty faces, deserted, Save for headlights driving past; Dark and sleeping town, Layered with dampened alley roads, Littered with shadows and ghosts.

Monologue: Goodbye

I feel him. I sense that murky presence, lurking in the shadows beneath stars that wink against midnight black. I feel him. That icy breath, numbing, chilling my skin ’till blood runs cold. I see him. I can just make out his slender figure, his large hands, those bony fingers. They reach out toward me….