Ghosts in my tears

There are ghosts in my tears! Then cry your eyes out, love, But don’t expect me to pass you A tissue. Those ghosts are our friends, They’d be yours too if you Stopped sniffing. You only created them, They owe you nothing.

The Axe Falls

Around and Around. All around Shadows gather like Swirling dust. Dread grows, The axe falls. In numbness He called your name. Someone Replies… Something, replies, It’s laughing. It’s not a person, It was nothingness; Alone-ness; His ending.


Castle walls of mossened stone Etched in charcoal, left exposed To the wind and sharp presence of ghosts Looking out lonely, broken windows. They look at the moon stressing golden cliffs, Its aura stained grey by the clouds; Black shapes writhing like beasts Caged by the rocks. Lights flash, far and dim, From a world…

Downtown Dreams

Did you walk Down city streets, Dreaming downtown dreams? Teary sky above, Droplets weeping over cast iron fences, Orange brick and the cobbled streets Filled with empty faces, deserted, Save for headlights driving past; Dark and sleeping town, Layered with dampened alley roads, Littered with shadows and ghosts.