Feelings are good inspiration

Feelings are good inspiration, But I do not write such poems To declare my days and Tomorrows to be riddled with More ‘hell’ than yours- But, I suppose, Some words have more than one meaning; Most people have more than One demon, I’m just happy to Wade through the fiction For us both, Hopefully finding…

Than Reality

I’d like to make a toast to fiction- For being a kinder devastation Than reality.

Just My Luck

Just my luck, Reality picked me up again. Even the sweetest dreams Come to know that, deep down, I never once turned you away. Bad as I am, I’m also a fool, Played by the fiction. I’m going under paper hearts To get over you, But I think I’ve stood too long, And my pride…


A voice? The guard Speaking Coming Breathing …Nobody Ended Doors A face! Sharp Reflecting In prayer Sobbing Bleak Sunless Forgetting.