Friday Favourites

This week, my favourites focus more on mindfulness and self-care.

Things I Learnt Hanging Curtains

The first think I learnt about hanging curtains was that I suck at hanging curtains…

So come laugh at my expense and feel better about your lack of adult skills!

Friday Favourites

Cheesecake, colour, doggies and TV. See what I’ve been enjoying this week!

Experimenting with Colour

Recently I’ve been watching more beauty channels on YouTube, and most of those people use a lot of colour in their eyeshadow makeup. This made me want to try and experiment with more colour in my life! So, for this week’s makeup look, I dug out my Nyx Ultimate Shadow palette in Brights- that I…

Easy Vegan Stirfry

Looking for a quick, easy meal that doesn’t taste quick and easy?

Look no further than this effortless stirfry that is full of flavour.