Why do you kneel in prayer To this aloof Heaven That has never spoken A word Of forgiveness Or paradise? Those were all your Meanings; See, I think it’s man you’re praying to. Not God. Do you really think you can see yourself In the angelic forms Looming in pane? Do you find salvation In…

The Puppet Maker

I am a woman Made of wood; Paint and carve, And chip away. Pretend you made me But, I was always alive. Make me a mouth So I can give you back Your little words, Oh, Creator, Consumed by madness. My god without eyes Look and see: It fits, It fits.

Move if you Must

It’s not too late It’s never too late- Never too late But never easy To please. Nevermind, I’ll try to sleep, Nope Lost it again. Lost in your lips; your mind. Move if you must- I know I did, But never as angel do.

Prince of Atlantis

Leaves are plucked And sown like dust, light and free, The colour of cinnamon, Hazel and cherry, Sprinkled were the water laps, Smooth and blue, Against the setting sun.   A sky aflame, bloodshot, Clouds blushing scarlet overhead, Dyeing the island and its long, lost city, The colour of wine.   His hair grows fierce…


A voice? The guard Speaking Coming Breathing …Nobody Ended Doors A face! Sharp Reflecting In prayer Sobbing Bleak Sunless Forgetting.