Living the Dream

When will life be better than my dreams? …Or my dreams better than reality? I forget which is which these days. I would think I’m dreaming right now But I haven’t slept in a week And, well, Why would I be dreaming of this?

Against The Fire

Against the fire- Sinister and wanting- I seduce, Unafraid, But seeing the light From dreams Which are unknown. Unlearning my past; Unable to stop.

A Woman is a Lonely Thing

Other than my shadow Who am I to be in love? Killing off even imaginary friends Let alone the reals ones. No one can control the Dreams they have, If I could I wouldn’t dream Of taking your arm and Walking each other to paradise.  ‘No man is an island’ But what of women? A…

Little Girl

Too shy to talk But give her a pen And she won’t be silenced, Writing about dragons and fairies And the distant worlds From her delicate, butterfly dreams. She wanted adventure, Only feeling at home When lost in a book. She’d look under her bed To find those monsters In hopes of making friends And…

Downtown Dreams II

Did you walk Down city streets Dreaming downtown dreams? Thoughts held fast in prayer By flickering lights, staining concrete Touched by frost and left wandering Through chimney pots and gun smoke.   Did you walk Down city streets Dreaming downtown dreams? Hearing whispers from slate Behind unlit windows Like faceless voices riding On a poisoned…