My Demons

I like to draw my demons As little figurines; Little cartoon monsters, Small and cute and green.

Little Girl

Too shy to talk But give her a pen And she won’t be silenced, Writing about dragons and fairies And the distant worlds From her delicate, butterfly dreams. She wanted adventure, Only feeling at home When lost in a book. She’d look under her bed To find those monsters In hopes of making friends And…

Devil’s Advocate

‘You think it’s real, then?’ She interrupted, not really listening to his train of thought. ‘Heaven?’ ‘I take it you don’t.’ ‘I want to… ‘ she mumbled. ‘What’s stopping you?’ ‘The devil told me not to.’ She looked down, ruby wet stains leaking across her sleeves, glinting in the moonlight, droplets pattering onto sacred ground like…

Holy Ghost

They fall like snowflakes, Droplets of pure starlight. Porcelain skin, precious souls, Drowning in demons In the form of dried leaves.