Devil’s Advocate

‘You think it’s real, then?’ She interrupted, not really listening to his train of thought. ‘Heaven?’ ‘I take it you don’t.’ ‘I want to… ‘ she mumbled. ‘What’s stopping you?’ ‘The devil told me not to.’ She looked down, ruby wet stains leaking across her sleeves, glinting in the moonlight, droplets pattering onto sacred ground like…

Winter Abandon

Cold peace, as white as snow, A calm sadness left to grow. Empty innocence, Innocent emptiness. Kept warm by cowardliness, Left to pass through ebony death.

Monologue: Goodbye

I feel him. I sense that murky presence, lurking in the shadows beneath stars that wink against midnight black. I feel him. That icy breath, numbing, chilling my skin ’till blood runs cold. I see him. I can just make out his slender figure, his large hands, those bony fingers. They reach out toward me….