Thank you very much

I inspire myself Thank you very much. No, don’t walk away from me, I have a question of my own. Oh I’m sorry, Have I ruined your idea of romance? Would you prefer me To go back to being On the brink of death? Mmm… That’s what I thought.

The Axe Falls

Around and Around. All around Shadows gather like Swirling dust. Dread grows, The axe falls. In numbness He called your name. Someone Replies… Something, replies, It’s laughing. It’s not a person, It was nothingness; Alone-ness; His ending.

Cheap Pain

Covered head to toe In cheap pain. There’s nothing Quite like death To bring us all together.


It wasn’t a matter Of life and death, It was much more Important than that. Time is an old, tired Looking creature But She appreciates the wait; Enduring those sad months When it seems everything is Broken.


Cling to thy suffering– Heaven forbid we should Trust in something Other than pain. Or better yet Tie your shoelaces To the desk And act surprised When you get stuck. We have a strange faith In our Devils You and I, Hush, I am not like you I look elsewhere. Ooh, Death!