Not exactly art inspiring

Today I went to the shops. Yep, that’s it… Not exactly art inspiring. That’s why the poems Are getting shorter; I’m afraid Buying milk doesn’t exactly Aid me in my existential search for meaning- It does help me make my coffee, though, Which- I hate to admit- I think I prefer.

Feelings are good inspiration

Feelings are good inspiration, But I do not write such poems To declare my days and Tomorrows to be riddled with More ‘hell’ than yours- But, I suppose, Some words have more than one meaning; Most people have more than One demon, I’m just happy to Wade through the fiction For us both, Hopefully finding…

It’s called sarcasm, dear

I didn’t get a chance to write today- I was too busy sweeping the Floors of my chambers- Although I did leave a few cobwebs, Just for inspiration. I tried to find the spiders To invite them to dinner, But I think they abandoned me With the rest of humanity- Why, oh why?   I…

The Axe Falls

Around and Around. All around Shadows gather like Swirling dust. Dread grows, The axe falls. In numbness He called your name. Someone Replies… Something, replies, It’s laughing. It’s not a person, It was nothingness; Alone-ness; His ending.

Even the Walls

Even the walls are telling me to turn around- Yelling, Screaming- Like the voices in my head, Demanding. I am wrong But you don’t understand I do not know how to be right.