Between Worlds

Between worlds is a lonely place to be.   But I’d rather be drifting through stars, And getting lost in constellations Than wading down Metropolitan sludge. No need for navigation, I’ve been here a thousand times before.

Roadside Exhaustion

Hoods hustle dark cars; Flowers shrink to skyscrapers. Doors close to mist and rain, Falling, Finding only cold cigarettes in Cold slums. It smokes the light of oncoming trucks Fighting roadside exhaustion.

Downtown Dreams II

Did you walk Down city streets Dreaming downtown dreams? Thoughts held fast in prayer By flickering lights, staining concrete Touched by frost and left wandering Through chimney pots and gun smoke.   Did you walk Down city streets Dreaming downtown dreams? Hearing whispers from slate Behind unlit windows Like faceless voices riding On a poisoned…

Downtown Dreams

Did you walk Down city streets, Dreaming downtown dreams? Teary sky above, Droplets weeping over cast iron fences, Orange brick and the cobbled streets Filled with empty faces, deserted, Save for headlights driving past; Dark and sleeping town, Layered with dampened alley roads, Littered with shadows and ghosts.