A weed pretending to be human

I feel more at home among the trees, As though my body yearns for grass against my skin And leaves around my soul. Like a weed pretending to be human- Growing in the wrong place- Prickly, green and funny shaped And looking for something to uproot me. So I’ll keep pressing flowers between these pages,…

Bedside Book Review: The Life Project

The Life Project: The Extraordinary Story of Our Ordinary Lives by Helen Pearson ‘The remarkable story of a unique series of studies that have touched the lives of almost everyone in Britain today; ‘On 3rd March 1946 a survey began that is, today, the longest-running study of human development in the world, growing to encompass…

Friday Favourites

1. Creativity and Madness by Albert Rothenberg This is an interesting book on the psychology of creativity and its links so madness (alcoholism, mental health, etc). It’s really easy to read, considering the topics it covers. When I started to read it I found I couldn’t put it down, and finished it the same day….

Against The Fire

Against the fire- Sinister and wanting- I seduce, Unafraid, But seeing the light From dreams Which are unknown. Unlearning my past; Unable to stop.