Love Child

They hung around her like flies
Too young
Too alone
They whispered

A weed pretending to be human

I feel more at home among the trees, As though my body yearns for grass against my skin And leaves around my soul. Like a weed pretending to be human- Growing in the wrong place- Prickly, green and funny shaped And looking for something to uproot me. So I’ll keep pressing flowers between these pages,…

Just two lovers sitting in the park.

We’re just two lovers sitting in the park, Waiting for the end of the world. We do not rush- No, instead we linger, In earthy stillness, Just to see if love never truly ends. We watch the grass dance with bumble bees, And the wind play with shadows; All is quiet, until I lean over…

A spider lives on the moon

A spider lives on the moon. She spins a web between the stars, Weaving lines of silk against a dark, summer sky, Like spirals of beautiful things cast around the world, To catch the lost souls left wandering through the night. A spider lives on the moon, And I think she’s lonely; Lonely up there…