Thank you very much

I inspire myself Thank you very much. No, don’t walk away from me, I have a question of my own. Oh I’m sorry, Have I ruined your idea of romance? Would you prefer me To go back to being On the brink of death? Mmm… That’s what I thought.

Lovely Bunch

”A poem a day Keeps the monsters away” ? Yeah right. I just had dinner with them, Lovely bunch- They were asking after you- They always give me the best ideas.


It’s the curse of happiness, The promise of mistake, The spell of perfection.

Oh, how romantic!

Oh, how romantic! Sitting at the window pane Realising that life Isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You must all aspire to be me. You’ve even got it raining; The droplets running down the glass Much like the tears on our faces. Careful, don’t get too excited, You might make yourself smile And we…

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry, I’ll colour myself in. I do not need such a thing as an Artist To fill in my lines. I will leave them blank Until the time is right.