space lime

A few months ago I did an interview about the first issue of my literary science fiction magazine, Space Lime. Now I’ve opened submissions for the second issue, I thought it would be worth posting it here too!

I’ve always wanted to edit my own magazine so the whole project is something I’m really proud of. I’ll also link below to the website and guidelines if anyone wants to submit

Thanks for reading!

I highly recommend reading the rest of Jim Harrington’s ‘Six Questions…’ series. It’s full of great insights into the editing world.

Website and guidelines:

Wanted: Feminist speculative fiction stories, poems, artwork and artefacts from across the galaxy. 

Theme: Women in Space

Give me weird, give me wonderful, give me down-right-trippy tales from women who are unapologetic, who bleed, who aren’t afraid to start a bar brawl, or to fly to the unexplored regions of space and hold up a middle finger in the face of society. 

Work can be any setting or subgenre but must be female-centred. Extra points if it makes reference to the bar in some way.

Work can be traditional prose or unconventional.  Think newspaper clippings, messages, how-to guides, manuals, leaflets, receipts, recipes (how would you cook space limes?), songs, adverts, travel itineraries, coasters, posters, or artwork that might be up on the walls of the bar.  Whatever you can think of, I’ll accept.  Let your imagination run wild! 

Deadline for submissions is October 31st, but I’m not too strict if submissions are a few days late

  • Multiple submissions welcome
  • Prose 2000 words maximum but short, snappy pieces are preferred
  • Poems should be no more than 200 words
  • Artwork should fit on one A5 page


email me at with any questions!

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