creating a vision board

I love this time of year as summer slowly draws to a close. I can feel the change in the air as it begins to get colder; the leaves are getting ready to fall; the nights are drawing in sooner. There’s something powerful about the transitional period between seasons- this year in particular, I feel I am even more susceptible to it. I just finished my Master’s degree in creative writing, marking the end of my education.

Now, as the leaves change colour, I also enter a new chapter in my life.

And although I feel ready to tackle this next stage, I have often found myself feeling overwhelmed, doubtful, and unsure of how to move forward.

I subscribe to a newsletter called The Daily Good, which is a 30-second newsletter delivered to my inbox with curated playlists, seasonal recipes, sustainable shopping ideas, and inspiring and thoughtful articles. I highly recommend it.

A few weeks ago, they sent me an article titled ‘How To Make A Vision Board (And What To Do With It)’. It got me thinking. Maybe now would be a good time to start thinking about where I want to go, what I want to attract, and what my goals for this next chapter are. Perhaps a vision board would help me navigate with more surety through this transitional period of my life.

”Creating the life you want doesn’t happen by accident.”

Suzy Rosenstein, Master Life Coach & Midlife Mentor

But how do I go about making one? The article listed these questions to help me get started with my initial brainstorming:

  • What values are most important to you?
  • What career financial goals do you have for the next year?
  • What are you saving up for?
  • What are your dream travel destinations?
  • Do you have any wellness goals?
  • What do you want your home to look like?
  • What’s your vision for your relationships with others?
  • What’s your vision for your relationship with yourself?
  • What do you want to bring more of into your life?
  • Think of any inspirational quotes that are important to you

The most useful of these questions for me was ‘what do you want to bring more of into your life?‘ I thought this was a wonderful way of framing the whole idea of a vision board. It is not just for material goals, but also for feelings and qualities I want to attract and foster in my life.

Armed this these questions, I took an hour or two to brainstorm everything I wanted/ valued in life. I also found it useful to divide those into CAREER, HEALTH, TRAVEL and 12-MONTH GOALS, as well as any quotes that resonate with me.

After that, I jumped on Pinterest and created a board full of pictures that represented the things I’d written down.

I then downloaded all the images and assembled the board on Canva. I found this part fun and creative and I love how it turned out. It also allows me to easily edit and add new images later on if/ when I need to. I could easily download it as a PNG file and set it as my desktop background, so I’d see it daily.

And here is my finished vision board:

Visualisation is a powerful tool and one I’m excited to tap into to help me navigate this transitional period of my life. I can place my energy into things that serve me and stop wasting it in places that don’t.

I can already sense that it’s going to help me move forward in life with purpose, and I can’t wait to check in this time next year to see where I’m at.

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