Trying New Vegan Food |


You can get the KFC Zero Chicken burger for £3.99, or £4.49 with a drink.

This is a little overpriced for what you get: an average no-chicken fillet, with some lettuce and mayo.

The mayo is really nice and creamy, but the rest of the sandwich is a bit bland; however, I was never someone who enjoyed KFC anyway.

I’d give this burger a 2/5 only for the herbs and spices coating that is reminisant of a real KFC burger, just with a different texture.


I’ve always been partial to a meatball sub, so when this plant-based Meatless Meatball Marinara Melt I was very eager to try it!

First things first, there is not enough cheese for my liking, even when ordered with extra cheese. However, the meatballs and the sauce have a delicious, tomatoey taste that is very close to the orginial meatballl sub.

I also think the price is reasonable and a great alternative for lunch or snack on the go.



For £2.95 it’s a little pricy, but the new Costa vegan smokey ham free slice and vegan cheeZe toastie is another great veganuary addition.

The cheese doesn’t have that over-processed, sickly taste to it and melts beautifully, however it can be a little oily.

The ham also tastes and has the texture of ham.


Pizza Hut

This pizza is my favourite new product of January.

For £11.69 you can pick up this Vegan Pepperphoni pizza and it is, by far, the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had.

It’s made from pea protein and tastes suspitiously similar to real peperoni.

And the best bit: It tastes even better cold!


Unfortuantley, the Gregg’s vegan Steak Bake has not yet made it to Ayr despite January being over, but hopefully it will arrive soon!

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