My Very First Eyeshadow Palette

My Mum gave me this palette from her collection years ago.

And it was the first offical palette I ever owned.

It’s the Virgin Cosmetics Golden Eye Shimmer Palette- from back when Virgin Cosmetics were still a company- I believe they’re now Vie At Home.

It’s a beautiful eyeshadow palette, with deep matte browns and unique orange/ golden shimmers, tied together by one buttery taupe shade.

I loved this palette- it was my first grown-up piece of makeup, and I loved going to school and feeling mature (even if I wasn’t too good at makeup yet.)

From what I can remember, I would wear the taupe and the browns dashed across my lid and as eyeliner. I also think I used the dark brown in my eyebrows sometimes… yikes!

But as I became more and more interested in makeup, and as my collection has grown and grown, this little palette got pushed to the back of the draw, unused and untouched, and nearly decluttered many times.

But I could never bring myself to do it- part nostalgia, and part for the colours that I haven’t got in any other of my palettes.

So, I decided today I would try a look with it and start using it again.

This is the look I came up with:

And I adore it!

The shades are so pigmented, have no fall out, and the shimmers go on like foils.

Even after all these years, this palette is stunning and continues to surprise me.

And I’ve fallen in love with it again.

How I achieved the look:

  1. I applied the matte white all over my lid as a base.
  2. I placed this orange shimmer with a pencil brush through my crease then blended it up.
  3. & 4. I used the two brown shades to darken the outer part of the crease and the outer corner.
  4. I packed this onto the inner and middle part of the lid.

The Virgin Cosmetics Golden Eye Shimmer Palette is in my project pan for the year but I will be sad when I’ve used it all up.

But it is getting old and I want to get more use out of those beautiful shades, and maybe try and find some similar, newer ones.

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Too cool . I remember one of the first eyeshadow palettes my mom gave me was an Este Lauder duo . It was like greyish taupe and I think a plum color .

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