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This week I wanted to try something different.

I received this beautiful palette for Christmas, so I thought I would do a palette bingo to get a chance to play with the colours and use ones outside those I’m automatically drawn to.

For this Eyeshadow Palette Bingo, I decided to use 5 shades in order to create my look and used Google’s random number generator to pick the numbers.

I numbered the palette in a circle, starting with Ego (the pinky, shimmery shade in the top, left-hand corner.)

The numbers I got were: 7, 3, 16, 6, 15

3: Heavy Water

6: Electric Air

7: Antidote

15: Lioness

16: Fire Starter

Below you can see the corresponding eyeshadows:

This is the look I came up with:

As first I was unsure how to use both the plum/ red shades with the blue, but in the end, I think they worked really well together.

To accomplish this look, I first applied Antidote all over the lid as a base colour.

Second, I used Fire Starter to deepen up through the crease and outer corner.

I then used Lioness to further darken the outer edge and along the lash line. I also used this colour in my upper waterline as my eyeliner.

I packed Electric Air onto the lid and inner corner and blended it into the darker shades.

Lastly, I used Heavy Water under the lower lash line and blended it out.

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Oh wow I really like that look .

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    1. Gingerdrift says:

      Thank you! 😊

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