3 looks 1 Palette: Conspiracy Collection


I was able to get my hands on some of the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star collection.

It was an intense, emotional, fearful couple of hours, but I was able to grab one before they all sold out.

And it brings me much joy ❤

One of my resolutions this month was to play with more colour in makeup- and this was made easy by this release. I would describe it as the perfect palette to encourage the use of different colours while also offering neutral, everyday looks.

I thought I would show you 3 wearable looks that use both palettes from someone who is just starting to experiment with more colour (and is realising it’s not as scary as I thought)!

Look 1: Purple, Orange and Yellow

This look is my favourite so far that I’ve done with the Conspiracy and Mini-Controversy palette. It’s a really simple, colourful look, and I love the way each colour compliments each other.

I started with Diet Root Beer through the crease and in the outer corner, blending it out using Cry on My Couch.

Then I went in with Controversy also in the outer corner and halfway across the crease.

Then I used Not A Fact to darken the outer corner.

In the middle of the lid I packed on Cheese Dust and blended it into the purple.

On the inner part of the lid, I used Food Videos and blended it into the orange.

Look 2: Smokey Green

Again, I started with Diet Root Beer through the crease and outer ‘V’, then darkened the outer part with Spiralling.

I also dragged Spiralling along the upper lash line and smoked it out.

I packed Just A Theory onto the lid with a flat brush, then placed the green shimmer Conspiracy with my finger on the middle of my lid.

Lastly, I applied lots of mascara and a glossy lip.

Look 3: Blue and Intense

I started with Food Videos as my transition shade through the crease, then darkened it up with Diet Root Beer and Spiralling.

I cut the crease using my concealer and packed on Cancelled then The Simulation in the middle of the lid for a little shimmer.

Other Makeup Used:

Primer: Nyx Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer Anti-Redness

Eye Primer: Nyx Cream Eyeshadow Primer White

Eyeliner: Soap and Glory Supercat Liner

Mascara: Barry M Lash Vegas 2

Concealer: Sleek Lifeproof

Foundation: Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Contour and Blush: Sleek Face Contour in Light

Lipstick: Phase Zero liquid lip in Undercover.

Lip Gloss: Colourpop Juicy So Juicy Plumping Gloss

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