Poundland Halloween Haul

As far as I’m concerned, as soon as Autumn arrives it’s basically Halloween.

So the minute Poundland showed signs of bringing in their 2019 Halloween decorations, I was ready to buy it all.

Come see what I bought and how I set it up!

What I loved most was the black, glittery, battery-powered candles.

I got two (and will probably get more) because they look so good lined up on a ledge or shelf, or, as I have them, flickering in my window.

I also got three sets of string lights; two ordinary ones that are coloured red and orange, and one set of pumpkin shaped lights.

The normal string lights I plan to put inside a skull shaped jar that used to have hot sauce in it.

(Follow my Instagram Gingerdrift7 where I will post a pic when I finished it.)

And the pumpkin lights I wrapped around the top of my curtains.

I would always recommend the freaky fabric and spiderwebs from Poundland because they’re such great quality for only £1!

Again, I hung the fabric over my curtain so that it would drape over them.

But it could also be used as a creepy table cloth at Halloween parties.

The spiderwebs are great since they stick easily and they can be pulled apart and styled to suit.

I think they look great attached to the candles!

Let me know your favourite things to do on Halloween!

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