Peek Inside My Scrapbook

I’ve only recently started scrapbooking but already I’m enjoying collecting bits of memories and slowly filling the pages of this book.

The book and all the craft items are from The Works.

This is my Erasmus Page.

I kept my plane ticket and my first train tickets, as well as ones from my trips around the country.

On the map, I marked where I lived and the places I liked/ visited.

I got the little pegs from eBay, and glued them in to hold the pictures in place. I thought it gave it a nostalgic feeling.

The cross that I tied to the spirals was left over from an art project from one of my classes there.

Of course, I had to make a Download Festival Page.

I got the mini photographs printed through They’re 0.25p per images, and I think they are the perfect size for scrapbooking. Plus, they are printed on sustainable paper.

I had a calender with words of the day on it, so I kept some of my favourite words and hope to fill this page with weird and wonderful words.

I particularly like the word poetaster which means ‘an inferior poet’.

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