Friday Favourites

1. Boots Expert Skincare Night Cream

I bought this cream after getting sunburnt at Download and needed a cheap moisturiser I could quickly grab and apply at the nearest Boots.

I didn’t give much thought to buying it, nor did I expect it to be any good, but I was highly surprised by how much I enjoyed using this cream.

It not only helped soothe my sunburnt nose, but deeply moisturised my skin and now I used it every day, and my skin hasn’t felt nearly as dry or dehydrated since.

2. Aldi Moser Roth Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

I don’t have a picture of this one, because I only intended on having one piece (I don’t usually eat a lot of dark chocolate), but I ended up eating the whole bar before I realised I’d finished it.

It’s not bitter like most dark chocolate, it’s just delicious!

I think I will be buying this again and again.

3. Shirley Curry

A new YouTube channel I discovered this week is that of Shirley Curry (aka Grandma Shirley.) She’s an 83-year old Grandmother who makes Skyrim gaming videos and a few others.

She has a beautiful, energetic personality and, even though I don’t play Skyrim, I really enjoy watching and listening to her!

4. NYX soft matte lip creme in Rome

This is the lipstick I used in my ‘Trying Instaglam Makeup’ post, and since then I’ve been wondering: Why haven’t I used this more often?

I just love the colour.

5. Sriracha Mayo

All I can say is this stuff tastes amazing!

Creamy, spicy, and completely vegan.

I love it with chips instead of ketchup or with pringles as a dip.

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  1. I’ve never heard of sriracha mayo! Sounds like it has a fun flavor!

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