Sir David

I mentioned this little guy in my Homeware Favourites post.

He’s just so cute! (I named him Sir David)

He looks great sitting on my kitchen side, bringing a bit of life and colour to it.


I was editing a video for someone this week and they’d filmed on two separate ipads- and in two separate framerates…

(Being an editor will drive you crazy)

But this application called Handbrake was free and converted the footage into a constant framerate.

Which saved me a lot of frustration and heartbreak.


Lush Lipstick

This is the lipstick I used in my Emma Stone makeup look.

I forgot how pretty the colour was- having not used it in ages!

However, I would recommend using it with a lip pencil to stop it bleeding and wearing off so quickly.

XL Biscoff

The only thing better than Biscoff… Is bigger Biscoff.

Yes, it’s a picture of an empty packet… just because they’re bigger doesn’t mean they’ll last longer!

Download Playlist

I’m heading to Download Festival this year- and I’m so excited!!

We made a playlist of all the acts we’re planning on seeing and I’m listening to it non-stop!


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