Friday Favourites

This week, my favourites focus more on mindfulness and self-care.

1. Too Faced ‘Sweethearts’ Blush

Using this blush again after a while, I fell in love with the colour once more.

This one is in Sparkling Bellini

It’s a beautiful peachy shimmer- perfect for Spring and Summer!

2. Bliss app

One of my recent resolutions was to try and be more positive.

It can be so easy to focus on the negative or the things I’m not happy with in life.

Therefore, this app lets me log one thing I’m grateful for everyday so I can shift my focus and hopefully start having a more positive outlook on life!

3. Eucerin

My skin this week decided to break out worse than normal.

But this Dermo Purifyer Toner was amazing at soothing and clearing my skin.

I originally got this to help with my cystic acne I get on my back- and it really helps to reduce redness and inflammation.

Now I will definatley keep it as a back up for when my face needs a little more tlc.

4. Cross-stitch

I’m fairly new to cross-stitching but when I sit down and focus on counting the stitching and creative a new picture, I’ve found it really focusses my mind and can calm my anxiety.

Plus, it is also an outlet for my creativity when I have writers block so I don’t go crazy!

5. Walking in the Rain

There’s something so soothing about going out in the rain and hearing it tap against the trees and just taking some time to get a bit of fresh air, exercise and time to organise your thoughts.

If ever I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, sometimes a walk and letting my mind wander is all I need.

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