Homeware Favourites

Come peak at home and see some of my favourite homeware bits I’ve collected that make my rented flat feel more familiar and cosy.

Starting in my kitchen, this is one of my retro tin signs and I love the style of it and the way it looks leaning against the wall.

I got mine from a shop in Tilburg, but they’re prettye to find and a cheap, trendy and damage-free way to decorate if you can’t put pictures or posters up.

(The tortoise was a gift from my parents from Scarborough. He doesn’t have a name yet so feel free to suggest!)

Next to my tin sign, I keep my most recent homeware gift, Sir David (named after David Attenborough).

I saw him in Tesco for £2.50 and just couldn’t leave without him. I think he’s adorable!

Plus, the blue and pink colours matches and brightens the grey of the kitchen.

I love the Nightmare Before Christmas and I got this from my Uncle who always kept it in his kitchen- so now it’s in mine.

There is a jewellery shop in Grassington, North Yorkshire that sells these glass animals. I started off buying one or two, but now I buy one every time I visit.

Again, I love the colours and how cute they are! They always sit on my windowsill.

And so the adventure begins…

I got this money box in Tilburg too and for some reason having a pretty money box like this makes it easier to save money- because I’m reminded why I’m doing it- for adventures.

I got this coaster in Paperchase and I always keep it on my bedside table for my morning coffee.

What can I say? I love a pun.

Finally, this is the rest of my bedside table.

The picture was from FlyingTiger and I love how sarcastic it is; the owl is called Meep and was a birthday present from my best friend.

I’ve moved flat a couple of times now, and I’ve found I seem to decorate these homeware pieces in the same way, and it makes any place feel instantly homely and familiar.

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