Friday Favourites

1. Lychees

I tried a new Chinese in Ayr this week called Lychee’s and it’s so good! We’ve been twice now and I could happily go again and again.

The Japanese Spiced Tofu and Vegetable Curry are delicious! (and from the vegan menu)

2. Jack Daniels and Apple Juice

I’ve been trying new drink combinations to find something I enjoy that doesn’t have so much fizz and sugar… and JD and Apple Juice is so tasty. And maybe a little too easy to drink.

The Apple juice also works really well with spiced rum.

3. Gordon Street Coffee

As I mentioned in my post about the Glasgow Coffee Festival, Gordon Street Coffee is a new favourite coffee brewer for me.

I work in Glasgow once a week and I have been going in for my morning coffee when I go past. It’s very strong but so good!

4. Motorcycle

I went on the back of a motorbike for the first time this week… and I instantly fell in love.

I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive new hobby.

5. Chocolate and Coconut Tarte

At a coffee shop in Ayr called Cafe Monza they started selling a vegan and GF chocolate and coconut tart.

It’s so chocolately and gooey and glorious!

Having it with a coconut iced latte, sitting outside in the sun, is what spring is all about!

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