By the Sea

Easter weekend was so sunny here in the UK, we just had to go out and enjoy it.

My boyfriend and I rarely get days where we’re both not working and/or it’s sunny out, so on Saturday the 20th of April we decide to take advantage and take a little drive somewhere.

We didn’t really plan where to go before we set off, we just knew we wanted to go someplace new.

While driving down the coastal road near Ardrosson, we saw a castle out by the water in the distance. So we turned off towards it, and ended up in the beautiful country village of Portencross.

It was exactly what we wanted: somewhere quiet to enjoy a picnic, explore the countryside and just have a day to ourselves in the sunshine.

The little castle in Portencross is also open for visitors so we were able to go up the small, winding staircase and look out from the roof onto the ocean. It was beautiful, as the water was so blue and still.

We wandered along the path, stopping for a picnic and a coffee from our flask and sat in peace, listening to the birds, the water and the distant sound of children playing.

A trip to the country always does wonders to refresh ourselves, and I think we’ll definitely be doing more unplanned country drives in the future.

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