Why do you kneel in prayer

To this aloof Heaven

That has never spoken

A word

Of forgiveness

Or paradise?

Those were all your


See, I think it’s man you’re praying to.

Not God.

Do you really think you can see yourself

In the angelic forms

Looming in pane?

Do you find salvation

In the paleness of humanity,

As streams of accusations

Enter our little box?

It’s hard for me to see your face

In this light,

But I know your eyes aren’t closed.

You’re looking at the floor,

Watching dust dance in the air,

Wondering why everything went wrong;

Why would god forsake me like this???

I’ll tell you why:

You do not seek forgiveness,




These are no concern of yours;

But all these petty complaints

Are no doing of ours.

Of His.

We can all see the image

In your mind;

It’s of yourself.

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