My Goddesses and I

Sugared wings

And toasted words flicker

In the golden reflections

Of elderflower

And fizz,

And grapes from the yard

That grew in ghostly silence

Beside the thorn tree.

That is also where

I blossomed-

Beneath autumn rain

And summer suns-

That is where

My celestial mouth

Caught its first breath.

And I have endured

Many breaths since,

Being surrounded by

Crooked smiles,

And stares,

And fire and earth,

And many a gentleman

With thick, white eyes

And pulsing tongues,

Who would pray

I be crystallised

Or pacified for

Their kingdoms.

My Goddesses and I

Do not smile politely

At such proposals,

Nor will we be ordered


You may keep your

Primitive beliefs-

But do not expect us

To be so easily


I am made of stronger fruit

Than the wine you

So eagerly

Water down;

You cannot wash away

Our war.

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