Do Something

It’s hard for me to be inspired

By the world sometimes.

I look out my window and

See only rows and lines

And wheels being dragged

Along black and white


And I wonder why this life?

Why this time?

Why not one full of fairy tales,

And colour,

And people I’m not afraid to look at?

Why not a world less grey

And full of fog?

Full of routine

And shopping bags

And car keys

And bay parking?

Sometimes I do not want to

Face that world,

But then I run out of milk

And well…

It’s that or no cup of tea.

And I stand in line

And count my change

One hundred times,

And look at the floor when I walk.

Now my feet are cold

And the kettle boils

And I think of everybody else

Going home for a warm cup

Or a warm hug.

I think of others

Maybe they’re not all so bad.

Maybe there’s nothing wrong

With getting stuck in the snow.

Maybe that’s normal.

There are worse times;

Worse lives

Than pushing trolleys and


But I can’t help but wish

One of them would do

Something exciting

Sometime soon.



I made a little video for this just to see how it went.

Let me know what you think! 🙂

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