Dear Diary II

Dear Diary,

I feel the sun on my skin again.

My God, it feels good.

I hear the sound of my laughter again.

I smile because I can;

For the sudden rush of life.

I can breathe in the air again,

And it fills my lungs,

Strokes my wings,

I feel alive again.

Warm, present-

Within myself.

It is me standing bear-foot

On the driveway,

Not a stranger knocking at the door.

I can feel the stones beneath my feet;

The concrete, the weeds,

The world is filled with colour again.

Green grass, a blue sky,

Rich, inviting,

I can reach out

And feel inspired again.

I can write about the forests

And the skies;

The oceans,

The sun.

I can sing about life again.

I can hold books and fall in love,

I can feel goosebumps on my skin.

I finally see a point again.

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