Up there alone, up above my head

Wisps of cloud stray and roam,

Brushing smears of blue and red,

As I meander home.


A September chill clings to the air,

Damp from the promise of rain.

The old wood is held fast in prayer

And crowds my little lane.


Rays of gold from the setting sun

Paint the world in light;

All morning troubles come undone

At such a calming sight.


Perhaps my lady would like to walk this way?

To see such beauty as this,

To come and sit by the river after working all day

Side by side, arm in arm- bliss.


And it is there that I saw it,

On the banks of the stream,

Swaying like a spirit

Amidst a sea of dewy green.


A delicate, little blossom

Of such a heavenly blue;

And growing out here, forgotten,

As if only meant for you.


I could have place them by your door

So when you wake they’d be a surprise.

You’ll smell a scent you adore,

And carry them carefully inside;


You would have cherished them, my dear

If they had ever made it to you,

But they never will, I fear

You’ll never see such darling blue.


For, by some ill fated accident

Those golden ripples dragged me down;

By some disastrous event

It meant that I did drown.


I didn’t have time to cry

I couldn’t voice my final thought.

But perhaps God heard my goodbye;

‘Forget me not’.

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